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Style and apply stickersDid you ever wish your were in Dublin but just couldn’t be in two places at once? Style and Apply is an online seller of wall art stickers, and they have a ton of the cities around the world for sale on their site. I found this sticker that just looks amazing for my dining room, it’s a sticker of Dublin and it’s got its own unique look and feel to it. I would love to see what I could have them create for other rooms at the house. If you’re wanting to take an Irish walking holiday, a good start is to start preparing your mind to be in Ireland by looking at a picture that will remind you of us all the time. There are of course other really cool things in Ireland that you could be doing and looking at and even have printed out on a decal to stick up on your wall eh? Well it’s never too late to start making reservations to do some international travel, just get yourself excited enough to make the reservations and a cool piece of wall art could be just the inspiration you need! Thanks for reading and we hope to see you. You could visit www.wall-art.com as well or www.whatisblik.com if you don’t find what you’re looking at with www.styleandapply.com.

Feb 182015

When traveling, you always want to be sure to enjoy every moment – even while bathing. Nothing is quite as luxurious as bathing in something incredible like walk in tubs found in newer hotels all around the world. The new technology has given a lot more options particularly to seniors who love to travel but often find it difficult to enjoy the often overlooked every-day cares of life like bathing and accessibility.

accessible travel

Amenities for Seniors and Those with Disabilities

Many great hotels have walk in showers but not the bathtub that many love to enjoy when traveling. Envy walk in tubs make it enjoyable for elderly folks by giving an experience where one can rest their mind and enjoy the massage therapy of water jets after a long day of sight seeing or being a restauranteur in a foreign land. America had driven accessibility for our elderly folks and the trend has taken off in certain parts of Europe, Asia and other highly-traveled areas around the world. The key is to do your research and find a good balance of accessible travel, luxury and destination adventure. Some key questions to ask when making your reservations:

  • Are the rooms wheelchair accessible? (Regardless of if you’re in a wheelchair or not, it will make it easier to navigate on foot if accessible)
  • Do you have elevators? Or will we need to climb stairs?
  • Are there walk-in bathtubs or walk in showers?
  • Are there rails in the bathroom?
  • Do you have a local taxi service?
  • So seniors or those with disabilities often stay there?

These are a good place to start when deciding on where to spend your holiday. Traveling can be within reach no matter what age you are. If you think you’ve outlived your globe-trotting years, think again! There are too many forward-thinking hotels with the right accommodations in the world to not think about traveling.

International and Domestic Accessible Travel

Perhaps it’s a long airplane ride that you’re not looking forward to. If that’s the case, then you can be almost guaranteed that if you choose a domestic vacation, then you’ll almost always find somewhere that is accessible for all your needs to move about the hotel from bathrooms to the dining. Check out some of the local spots that might be accessible as well and you’ll be far from home but never far from comfort. That’s still one of the goals of traveling, isn’t it? And while you’re out and about, you’ll enjoy the company of the one you’re traveling with.

So don’t put off travel just because you’re not as active as you may have once been. And share in the legacy that is travel – while silently giving the permission to all of the folks who are watching you from a distance. Thanks for reading and happy travels.

Nov 192014

Vacationing in Ireland is one of the “bucket list” items that many folks have. Many who have the dream of vacationing in Europe think of going to Ireland because of the nostalgic castles and beautiful countryside often seen in magazines and movies. Consider the castles if Ireland and what it might be like to have a nice walk through them. And how better than to get in touch with one of our locals who can guide you through the area so you won’t need to worry about GPS or any directions. That’s how to take a true luxury tour of Ireland – in luxury!

Ireland Castle Vacation

Ireland Castle Vacation DestinationWalking through an Irish castle will give you a timeless sense of nostalgia, felt only by those who have actually walked the chambers of an Irish castle on foot such as the Ballynahinch Castle, which would be the best way to get an Irish holiday started off properly! There are many castles throughout Europe, but the Irish castles are what dreams, honeymoons and fairy tales are made of. Ever seen Disney’s “Tangled?” ;)

Walking through Ireland, on a Golf Course

An Irish walking holiday would not be complete without walking on your holiday through one of our golf courses. Some of the world’s greatest golf courses are found right here in Ireland and you can schedule your tee-time at any one of the beautiful courses. Since you’re probably going to be vacationing in Ireland using a touring company (because who wants to have their eyes staring at a phone screen or map the whole time?), then you can ask them to bring you to one of the many wonderful and world-famous golf courses like Royal County Down. This is one of the greatest golf destinations in the world, which has gained its popularity from being nestled into one of the most gorgeous settings and as professional golfers say, “playing against the course.”

Nightlife and Your Ireland Vacation

dublin nightlifeExperience a festive nightlife in Ireland and meet the locals when you have a chauffeured tour of some of the most hoppin’ nightlife destinations around Dublin like ClubM. Not only do most of the night clubs pump some of the greatest music in the world, you can eat fine cuisine up until minutes before closing time. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you and your traveling partner to unwind and really mingle with some locals and perhaps other travelers on any night of the week.

Run and don’t walk to your nearest computer and search find a way to get to Ireland and visit our amazing tours and destinations. You’ll be so delighted you did that you’ll end up telling your friends about us. Thanks for stopping by mate, Cheers!

Jun 222013

ireland and scotland holidayIreland is well known for rich and lush green pastures, timeless hillsides and beaches, and incredible architecture dating back hundreds of years. There are of course many ways to experience all of these wonders – from photographs to being up front and personal with the places, which is our very favorite. A true Ireland and Scotland tour is not complete without visiting the rich scenery on foot, which is why we recommend taking a walking holiday around the favorite sites.

Why walking through Ireland, Scotland or Wales is better than Driving

When you drive through an area on a guided tour in a chauffeured car you will cover a lot of ground and might catch some nice “selfies” of yourself in front of monuments or beautiful scenes. However, when you’re walking, you get a deep sense of connection with the land under your feet as well as getting to take in the smells, sights, sounds of the land bringing you into a rich experience you will never forget.  We will be posting many different routes you could take on your Ireland, Scotland or Wales vacation. Taking this kind of tour may even leave you with an Irish accent (just kidding) and you will surely be back to visit again. Here’s a video highlighting one of the most famous routes taken by travelers from all over the world, it’s called the Wild Atlantic Way, shaped by the relentless Atlantic ocean against the defiant shoreline of steep cliffs and marvelous rocks. This tour will rapture you away in a time capsule bringing you light years from your worries and fast-paced life back home (wherever home may be):

Get started on planning a walking vacation in Ireland, Scotland or Wales. When you do your research, there are a number of great tour guides and agencies which can make your vacation a truly world class experience.

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